Crash Dive Base is a part of United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

Crash Dive members are mostly submarine veterans, a mixture of officers and enlisted. We have three associate members, two that were military, and one civilian. Our “Base”, has members that are WWII submarine veterans, through to the modern day Submariner, retired or after one or more tours, meaning that we have a mixture of diesel boat sailors, “Boomer” sailors and the guys that rode “Fast Attacks.”

We meet at the Knollwood Sportsman’s Club, east of Lamb’s Farm, off I-94, on Arcadia Rd, south of RT 176 on the third Saturday of the month, at 1100 hrs. We stop for lunch during the meeting, and the sea stories start…

Any further questions, please feel free to contact us.  Please use the ‘Contact Us’ tab above.