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Any Regular Member who has been designated “Qualified in Submarines” for fifty (50) years or more and who is either (a) a National Life Member in good standing, or (b) an annual member in good standing for five or more consecutive years, is eligible to become a member of the “Holland Club” within the organization.

The Holland Club was named after John Philip Holland an engineer who developed the first submarine to be formally commissioned by the U.S. Navy.


Current Active Members


William Anderson

Qualified in 1963 on USS Croaker (SS 246)

Dick Anderson receives acknowledgement for being "QUALIFIED IN SUBMARINES" FOR 50 years.
Dick Anderson receives acknowledgement for being “QUALIFIED IN SUBMARINES” FOR 50 years.


 Glenn C. Barts Sr.

Qualified 1967 on USS Quillback (SS 424)


Charles Daniels

Qualified 1963 on USS Harder (SS 568)


Christopher Gaines

Qualified 1971 on USS Von Steuben (SSBN 632)


Larry Heckelsmiller

Qualified 1962 on USS Piper (SS 409)


Clayton Hill

Qualified 1965 on USS Ben Franklin (SSBN 642)


Robert Krautstrunk

Qualified 1945 on USS Requin (SS 481)


Charles Kruger

Qualified 1962 on USS Growler (SSG 577)


Dennis Murphy

Qualified 1965 on USS Medregal (SS 480)


Cristino Pasqual

Qualified 1962 on USS Triton (SSN 586)


Thomas Polzin

Qualified 1966 on USS Hardhead (SS 365)


Thaddeus Rotzoll

Qualified 1958 on USS Diablo (SS 479)


Martin Salvadore

Qualified 1956 on USS Grampus (SS 523)


Frank Voznak

Qualified 1965 on USS Blenny (SS 324)


Frank Walter

Qualified 1955 on USS Diodon (SS 349)


Gary Walters

Qualified 1967 on USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657)


Leonard R. Wass

Qualified 1967 on USS Sterlet (SS 392)

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